Questions To Ask Before Hiring Any Web Design Company

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Questions to ask before hiring a web designer or web design company

Questions To Ask Before Hiring Any Web Design Company

The key to success for your online business lies with your promotional strategies. A professional, mobile-responsive website can provide you more leads than almost any other stream additionally it brings a strong impact on your engaged audience. Since your website is so important, you want to hire a better professional web designer. With that in mind, we put together a few questions you should ask when hiring a web designer or web design company.

Do you have a portfolio?

One of the most concerned question to ask before hiring a web designer or a web design company, As if they have a portfolio or case studies which you can see because thats the only trustable opportunity you will have to assess their level of quality. Many will showcase their work on their website or a digital catalog like this Click here to view

What is your Standard Operating Procedure?

This is also an important question to be asked. Standard Operating Procedure allows you to visualize the procedure a company or an individual follows from start to completion of a project. This contains initial scope of the project, data gathering, Initial fact finding questions and delivery timelines. Example of SOP Click here to view

What technologies you use to build a website?

This question will let you know how updated their way of work is. Usually, there are various types of CMS (Content Management Systems) available which are very reliable and easier in for web design and development projects. It lets you manage your website easily by a user friendly backend so in this way a non-technical person can also manage his/her website without having any prior coding knowledge. WordPress is one of best examples out there available free of cost.

Are your web design projects mobile- responsive?

Responsivness of a website matters a lot now days because approximately 60% users browse websites on their phones or tablets. This plays an essential role in converting the visitors to effective leads. If a person comes on your website and your website is not responsive he/she wont be able to see things properly there.

Questions To Ask Before Hiring Any Web Design Company

Do you do unique designs?

This question should be asked which is not so common but more important then any other questions. If a web designer is not following unique designs and uses same design in multiple web projects which is too common, It can lead you to copyrights issues in the future and somehow your website can cause you a bigger penalty.

What is your time frame and delivery schedule?

This should be asked but to be honest this is something depends upon the amount of work. If you asked for a 4-5 pager simple static content only website it should be done in 5-7 working days. But this question will get you an idea of how experienced and professional they are because sometimes over commitments ruin the projects. Be aware of this in that case.

Do you provide after project support?

After project support is a kind of thing that balances your website if it is having any troubles running out there after making the project live. So their should be a certain amount of time which assures that the project is fine and live without any development and designing issues.

Do you provide web security?

This depends upon the development how website is developed and how experienced your web designer or web design company is. Security is more than a issue now days, many hackers uses bots to apply brute-force attacks, SQL injections etc to hack a website and uses for other purposes. Web security should be a highest priority while developing or designing a website.

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